Parable Prayer Gardens

Parable Prayer Gardens

Weeding the reflective garden - Danby C of E Primary Parable Garden Exploring Spirituality Day

Parable Prayer Gardens can be purposefully designed as part of a Christian distinctiveness enrichment project for example integrated into a 'Parable Treasure Hunting theme day' or be an adaptation of an existing quiet garden.

Features can include themed planting such as vines and olive trees, beds of wheat or grasses and wild flowers, sculpture and props made by pupils related to the story, places to sit and reflect.  For suggestions about additional features read more...


These parable-themed elements, combined with opportunities to participate in seasonal gardening activities, offer children and adults: 

  • accessible and creative ways of engaging with Jesus teaching on the kingdom of God through parables such as The Sower and The Good Shepherd
  • fresh ways to develop understanding of spiritual truths using everyday objects, relationships and processes, following Jesus's example
  • confidence building and deepening spiritual awareness through creativity and gardening

Parable Garden team offer a creative approach to developing a Parable Prayer Garden through collaborative project work linked to Christian distinctiveness enrichment involving the whole school and partnership with the local church.

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The Good seed fell on the path...The Sower's Garden, Launton C of E Primary, Oxfordshire

Read more about how Parable Prayer Gardens can benefit schools and enjoy the gallery of images below from recent projects. Parable Garden team can provide onsite practical support and expertise to complement the use of on-line resources.

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