Exploring Spirituality Days

Exploring Spirituality Days


using the senses to explore spirituality

Parable Garden offers schools creative and accessible ‘Exploring Spirituality Days’ inspired by Jesus's teaching and spirituality, tailored to your schools SMSC development needs.  

A sense of journey is established through an introductory assembly at the the start of the day. Pupils are invited to participate in sensitively structured and differentiated activities and resources to awaken and inspire spiritual exploration and enable growth of self awareness and confidence. These include using the senses, exploring the seasons, wonder walking and enjoying creativity.

Key questions such as: What is spirituality and what difference can it make? and What is spiritual journey? are unpacked and explored through:

  • Exploring  Jesus’ spirituality – relationship with God in nature 
  • Creative story-telling through Parables– discovering spiritual treasure and values
  • Gardening our hearts©– how gardens can help us understand spirituality and develop spiritual awareness
  • Gardening activities –  helping us to reflect on our inner thoughts, feelings and ideas 
  • Sensing spirituality-using the senses to explore spiritual ideas and to develop a sense of awe and wonder
  • Seasons and Spirituality - helping us to reflect on our inner thoughts, feelings and ideas and face challenges through the different seasons of our lives
  • Sensory Wonder walking– using ‘I wonder’ questions to develop awareness of the ways the outdoors can prompt deeper thinking, questioning and spiritual awareness