Project management approach

Planning a Parable Garden themed day - Launton C of E Primary

Planning a Parable Garden themed day – Launton C of E Primary

Parable Garden project management – ‘Enrich’ programme and theme days

  • Prayer  for the school before, during and after sessions, commitment to ongoing prayer and supporting embedding of vision through partnership work and access to web-based resources
  • Listening in all meetings with Head teachers, staff and clergy to identify priorities, challenges, hopes and dreams for the school’s journey that Parable Garden can support and enable.
  • Sensitive collaborative planning processes shared between school staff,  clergy and Parable Garden team  –  whole school community in engaging with the vision, and creative, building effective working relationships – short, mid and long term to suit needs of a school’s priorities and journey
  • Harnessing creative gifts and creating opportunities for staff, clergy and parents  to contribute creative ideas and activities in achieving overall purpose.
  • Affirming creativity within each child and participating adults,  through accessible, collaborative creative activities on the selected theme.
  • Values rich learning journey reinforcing Christian values through teamwork, deliberate integration of values in approaches to planned activities and reflective activities.

    Caring-ceramic roundel - Tree of Life Blair Peach Primary School

    Ceramic roundel – Caring, Tree of Life Blair Peach Primary School

  • Nurturing relationships and school community cohesion through shared creativity, team work between children and staff working together across different ages groups, partnership work between school and church
  • Creative Reflection integrated into activities for different age groups within practical sessions
  • Continuing framework of support including prayer, facilitated classroom activities, access to on line resources